dax niesten

Dax Niesten (1998) is a The Hague based musician
and visual artist.
In her music, paintings, and videos
she creates a world of her own,
somewhere in-between Lewis Carrol and David Lynch .
Mysterious melodies and unearthly drones
of delays and voices.
No surprise that her (digital) debut album
My Bubble Is Kind Of A Mess (2018)
and singles like Love Is Overrated and The Bear
found a worldwide base
of listeners.

dax niesten
dax niesten

It’s an entrance to a place where mice live, the doorway to unknown, tiny lives.
And inside the little house, father and mother mouse,
raise their kids and try to protect them from clear and present danger.
They can only come about when the cat is out.
And in the evening when all seems quiet and safe, 
Dax' record is played on the little mice record player...
while outside the cat is listening too,
sweeping her tale, stretching her claw, snoozing with one eye open,

-Paul Dezentjé
dax niesten